JUD MONGELL, Restauranteur and creator of Five Leaves Brooklyn, brings over two decades of restaurant experience. Jud has worked in some of the most celebrated restaurants in both Sydney & New York. In 2008 he opened Five Leaves which quickly established itself as an industry leader. Ten years on, Five Leaves is now a Brooklyn institution and remains teeming with locals, skateboarders, fashion luminaries and musicians.

Jud has consulted on many different hotel restaurants including Hoxton Hotel, Ace Hotel and is currently working on Five Leaves Los Angeles. He is no stranger to global travel bringing his knowledge and contagious enthusiasm to each and every project.


ZEB STEWART has a history of success in Brooklyn, New York. As designer and owner/ operator of cherished Williamsburg hotspots Union Pool, Hotel Delmano, and Cafe Colette, Zeb has played a significant role in the growth and development of the neighborhood’s social scene over the years. Recognized as an innovator and trailblazer, he has been referred to as “Inventor of Williamsburg.”

Throughout his career, Zeb has been committed to building transporting spaces that breathe life into their surroundings. As creator of some of the most celebrated establishments in one of New York City’s coolest neighborhoods, Stewart has undoubtedly influenced the aesthetic and culture for which Williamsburg is now infamously and globally known.


WARREN BAIRD grew up in Connecticut in a food-loving family. His mother exposed him to a vegetable-centric upbringing, and utilized his hands to can and preserve the products from their family garden. Assisting her for holiday meals were some of his favorite memories, and he always marveled at her ability to execute the meal flawlessly. Baird enrolled in the culinary program at Johnson & Wales in Charleston, SC. Before starting, his first chef and mentor sent him to his hometown of Ile de Re, France for a pastry stage. There he was exposed to classical French pastry, bread & chocolate production. Baird then capitalized on this experience at the end of his studies by qualifying for an internship at L’Albon Chambon in Brussels, Belgium, where he continued his classical French training; this time on the savory side.

After completing his studies and spending a few years near his alma mater, he picked up and moved to New York City. There he landed at Esca under Chef Dave Pasternack and spent several years learning fresh pasta and all things seafood, where nothing went to waste. Preparation and speed were the keys to success at this pre-theater institution, and Baird quickly learned how to structure a kitchen to delivery consistent food at an often-furious pace.

He spent the next several years captaining openings ranging from the rebranding of a farm-to-table concept in the West Village, the launch of an Italian wood-burning oven concept in Little Italy, and ultimately to the launch of an American Bistro where Baird championed the origins of American food in his Heritage Dinner Series.

In 2015, Baird was contacted by the team at Five Leaves who were looking for a new Executive Chef. A neighborhood stalwart, he was intrigued by the challenge of delivering high quality food at a fast pace, and happily accepted the position. Since then, Baird has weaved his European and American influences into this Australian-inspired bistro, and will head up the kitchen at the new Five Leaves in East Hollywood this summer. Warren’s years of experience in restaurant and hotel hospitality consulting, partnered with inspiring work ethic and love for his job means any kitchen, large or small, will thrive under his guidance.